Any trip away from home has the potential to be scary for a child…these suggestions may help get your child ready for camp:

  • Focus on the stories your child can tell you after camp.  Talk about all the fun
    they will have at camp…activities they will participate in, etc.  If you are excited about camp – they will be, too!
  • Let them know there will be adults there who will watch over them and direct them through the various activities.
  • **Since parents are unable to visit camp during the week we encourage you to SEND MAIL. Campers love to get mail. (You may actually want to send it a day or two before your child even leaves for camp to ensure it arrives while they are at camp)  In your letters to them encourage them, once again, to have fun.
  • We understand that parents can become “campersick.”  If you feel that you are
    not ready to send your child to camp, please wait!
  • When your child comes home – he/she will have hours of adventures and experiences to talk about.  Sit down and share these priceless moments with them.